We believe that building design should be pragmatic, born from the honesty of modernism and from the context of our continent. Buildings must enhance the space it exists in by responding and being a partner to its environment.

The Team

We sit and think together.

Our open office work culture has resulted in free interaction between employees and creating a strong team. Freedom to think and explore is evident in our work. We also invest a lot of time and energy in nurturing our talent. Management and technical training workshops are a part of the routine. Our colleagues come from diverse cultures and backgrounds, bringing in their wealth of knowledge to the organization.

The practice has grown consistently since its formation in 2004 and currently employs a core team of Architectural, Engineering, Interior designing, Project management and Administration staff with a diverse range of experience covering residential, commercial, institutional, educational, retail and interior projects.

Our compatibility as a working team and our complementary skills enable us to offer efficient project delivery through a considered amalgamation of our individual strengths and talents.